Start Connecting with College Coaches

Step by Step Instructions


Step 1:
Create a Player Card

We provide prospects with the ability to create a FREE player card. This will serve as your recruiting profile. This profile includes all the information you will need to send to college coaches.

Step 2:

Create a List of Schools

Download our Create a List of Schools template to keep all of your target schools and contact information organized in a 3 Tier System. Instructions are provided when you download.

Step 3:

Gather Contact Info

Use the College Search Tool to locate schools based of your preference.  Use the Coaching Staff links to gather contact information and input into the template downloaded above.

Step 4:

Follow on Twitter

If the Coaching Staff links do not provide the Twitter accounts for the coaches, start using Google to search for these coaches on Twitter. Make sure to give them a follow!

Step 5:

DM Coaches

Use the DM templates we have provided you to help brainstorm messages to start sending to college coaches. Always make sure to include your player card link.

Step 6:

Email Coaches

Use the email outline to help you email the coaches that you have inputted on your list. Make sure to create each email with a personalized twist. Also, include your player card link here.

Step 7:

Recruiting Questionnaires

Use the Recruiting Questionnaire link on the College Search Tool to quickly fill out these forms and express your interest in the schools on your list.

Step 8:

Sign up for Camps!

Use the Camp Information link on the College Search Tool to quickly gather summer camp information and dates for the schools you are interested in visiting.